Questions and remarks on iMariner Offshore

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Questions and remarks on iMariner Offshore

Post  joost.ubbink on Fri May 18, 2012 10:39 pm

I bought iMariner Offshore which I think is too expensive for you to make it a succes as the app is now.
BUT I'm not complaining about that.. If you think the price is good it's your choice, you have me as customer anyhow.. ;-)

I have some questions:
-how to change the comment in the log?
-how to return to the start page of the "i" menu?
- why is the name of the app and the name of "i" menu "iMariner AIS".
- I make three new passages day1, day2 and day3 in that order for example.
==>Why then is the log entry saved in all passages??
- when I then open passage "day1" the name of the passage is not displayed on top of the screen, but instead: "new #2".. Is that a bug?

Hope to receive your answer soonest?
I'll be back with more questions I think!


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Re: Questions and remarks on iMariner Offshore

Post  Admin on Sat May 26, 2012 9:03 pm

Good morning,

We have fixed this issue in the iPad display.
We have rewrite the code handling the Passages. This version is in testing phase.
All these corrections will be available in our next release (1.1), planned early june in the app store.

Another time we apologize for the inconvenience.


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